2023 Performers

Ain Jun was born in South Korea and is currently living in the US. He is an upcoming artist, unrestricted by the confines of genre. Find Ain on Instagram.

Alessandra Barlas, a biology major on a pre-med track from Long Island, has been singing and playing piano since three years old and songwriting since high school. In her songwriting, she fuses her emotions with her passion for music. Barlas formed her high school’s Praise Band and has been involved in musicals, plays and recitals. She sings at Sunday Mass for the SU Catholic Center and is part of the acapella group, Groovestand. Find Alessandra on Instagram.

Connor English began songwriting very young, taking inspiration from bluegrass, Americana, folk and pop music while growing up in Virginia and Colorado. He strives to write melodies and lyrics with great emotional depth, commenting on the ups and downs of love, life and the coming of age in the 21st century. Find Connor on Instagram.

Callan Foster, or Callan Nagel-Dubin, is a power-pop artist who grew up adjacent to the Rust Belt. His various fascinations and fixations pop up in unexpected and fun ways throughout his music. Early on, groups like Raspberries and The Romantics filled his ears and showed him just how powerful a guitar can be. He grew up traveling in and out of Northern Ohio and the Ohio River Valley, developing as an artist in the crosshairs of Appalachian and Rust Belt culture. Find Callan on Instagram.

Hannah Landon is an artist from Southern California studying Illustration at the College of Visual and Performing Arts. She has always loved illustrating, writing music and singing. Find Hannah on Instagram.

Henry John, or Henry McKenna, is a singer/songwriter who takes references from pop music and applies them to his experiences as a young adult. Growing up singing in theatre and school choir, he is always making a melody. Henry writes and produces his own songs and views songwriting as a life source he cannot live without. Find Henry on Instagram.

Kii, or Keirra Charles, has been singing for as long as she can remember and began writing songs when she was 16. Her music displays influences of R&B, pop and soul. Kii writes music from life experiences, inspired by the sounds of Jersey club and Caribbean music, due to her upbringing and cultural background. She views music as an extension of herself and her emotions and enjoys connecting and sharing that with her audience.

Liv DuFine is a Valley Girl born and bred. The LA native turned East Coast transplant has been creating her own music since she was an angsty 15-year-old. Seven years later, her songs scratch the depths of vulnerability and wear the seasons of hyper-emotionality. With sinister undertones, Liv uses her pen wisely, in tandem with her electric guitar. Find Liv on Instagram.

Sofía Violet, or Sofía Gutierrez,  is a Filipino/Mexican-American singer and songwriter. Her songs are a dreamy mix of alternative, R&B and neo-soul. The LA-born artist channels her introspective reflections through sultry melodies and her purple guitar, Violeta. Find Sofía on Instagram.